Junglee Movie : Budget,Cast,Review and Rating | Chuck Russell |

Junglee Movie : Budget,Cast,Review and Rating|Chuck Russell |

Junglee Movie : Budget,Cast,Review and Rating Instagram
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Junglee  movie

First thing to do in the Junglee Movie Actor Vidyut Jammwal and Actress Pooja Sawant who will be seen acting in this movie to see. Junglee has made a movie with elephants, curses and many animals in the woods with natural experiences depicted in the movie story. This movie has shown plenty of action and brave wish. 

"American producer Chuck Russell Junglee is the executive in the motion picture and Chuck Russell has made the principal film in Bollywood.". Junglee has shown a lot of martial arts and action in the movie. Talk about rating in Junglee movie then one and half stars (out of five) have been found.

Junglee movie hero Vidyut Jammwal acted as a great animal doctor. Made film with Odisha Elephants and shooting jungle in the form of cocktail in Thailand, Waiting to see this movie. Screen is lost in the forest during shooting, Vidyut Jammwal did not stop acting. More graphics are not shown in this movie because the wild movie is completely fictional.

Vidyut Jammwal has been seen acting in the junglee movie, making the film from inside this.

Junglee Movie : Budget 

Budget and pre-release busniess in Jungle Movie showed both different ways. First budget talk about 45 crore in total budget 40 crore and pre release busnies.

VidyutJammwal    ---    5 Crores
Other                       ---  15 Crores
Production              ---  20 Crores
Total                       ---  40 Crores
Pre-Release Business
Theatrical Rights  ---    25 Crores
Satallite                 ---    10 Crores
Others                    ---    10 crores
Total                      ---   45 Crores

Junglee Movie : Budget Instagram
Junglee Movie : Budget Instagram

Junglee Movie : Cast 

The bottom of the Junglee movie is given about full cast and Crew member.

Director  - Chuck Russell(American Film Makar)

Writing Story  - Ritish Shah

Adam Prince and Chuck Russell - Screen Play

Vidyut Jammwal (Raj Nair)


Atul Kulkarni(Keshav)

Pooja Swant(Shankara)

Thalaivasal Vijay (Dipankar Nair)

Dinesh Rajpurahit

Rahul Verma Rajput


Shankar Yadev

Vineet Jain - Producer

Sameer Uddin  - Music

Mark Irwin  - Cinematography
ShrutiMahajan - Casting
Daniel B.Clancy &Mukund Gupta - Production Design
Other Crew Member—
Zachary Coffin – Voice Artist
Raaghav Dar – Creative Consultant
Aneesh Mohan – Script Supervisor
Jayest Shikarkhane – Visul Promotion

Junglee Movie : Cast Instagram
Junglee Movie : Instagram

 JungleeMovie : Preview & Rating

Vidyut jamwal can be next country stallone. The story of Junglee movie is straight forward. People have shown the scene of negligence. This movie is also shot in Kerala and Odisha. Filmmaker Chuck Russell Bidyut Jammwal focuses more when performing. So far Junglee Movie's Rating 3.5 / 5 is likely to move forward. Romantic and entertaining with the elephant in this movie. Those people who are animal lover will love them very much. 

 Junglee Movie : Preview & Rating Instagram
 Junglee Movie :Instagram

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