Kesari Movie –Budget,Trailer,Cast

Kesari Movie –Budget,Trailer,Cast

Kesari Movie Instagram
Kesari Movie Instagram

Kesari Movie :

Akshay kumar kesari is taking the role of havildar ishar singh in the movie. Akshay Kumar is acting with bravery in the film. Satta and nation-wide story is very much like working. Akshay Kumar is doing a big job in coming forward to the new generation.

Today's boy likes this experience ofAkshay Kumar. In this movie, one of the shortest seasons in history was seen in a "The Battle of saragarhi".Speaking of 12 September 1897, 21 sikh killed Afgani kabailiyo in saragarhi. Akshay Kumar says this story must be read in school. Not yet taught in any school.

Kesari film director Anurag Singh said that Akshay Kumar is the hug of this film. According to the history news 36th Sikh Patel Army was the most talented, brave, big powerfull army. In the story of this film, it has become necessary to keep the history page alive. It is necessary to know history today.

Akshay Kumar led by Ishar Singh in Kesari, Acting as it was before. Talking about Ishar Singh, we did not get the textile cloth but the gun was made by sniper rifle. Looks like to watch in uniform with anybody. Ishar singh was named "Saala Angrez" and "Bloody Englishman".

Kesari Movie : Budget

Kesari Movie : Budget

                   Kesari Movie : Instagram

talk about budget in kesari movie you are total 100.00 crores which invests money in 80 crores production cost and 20 crores prints and publicity. Kesari Movie will be shown on more than 3,000 screens in India.

 On March 22, 2019, 37.76 crores has been collected. You have not heard anything about world and overseas collection. Talking about hit and flop, no news came in today's date. kesari movie box office first day earned 18-20 crores and guessed that 180-200 crores would go ahead to keep track of.

Kesari Movie : Cast 

Kesari Movie : Cast
Kesari Movie : Cast Instagram

Kesari Movie Wrote Girish Kohli, Director Anurag Singh, Producer Twinkle Khanna, Karan Johar, Isha Ambani, Music given Jatindra Shah, Cinematography Anshul Choubey, Editing -ShreeNarayan Singh.

Kesari Movie : Cast and Role
Akshay Kumar (Havildar Ishar Singh)
Parineeti Chopra(Eesha/Ishar Singh Daughter)
Mir Sarwar(Khan Masud)
Ashwath Bhatt(Gul Badshah Khan)
Mohit Raina (Sepey Buta Singh)
Adhiray Singh Cheema (Dilder Singh)

Kesari Movie :  Instagram
Kesari Movie :  Instagram

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